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Luxbet was established in 2008, and has already built up a strong following in Australia and further afield. A big part of its success lies in its approach to its website and products. The team really did their homework and has delivered exactly what players want, giving them an edge over their larger competitors. Simple and effective software, with all the fuss being directed towards wagering and promotions, is the order of the day and makes for some really thrilling experiences. If this sounds like your cup of tea, read the rest of our review.

Simplicity itself

Everything but the front-of-house factors have been pared down at Luxbet, and the Flash-based website functions well with minimal enhancements. It can be enjoyed through the web browser of any traditional or mobile device, but if you are playing on a handset you will need to visit the regular website to make deposits.

On the subject of transactions, there are many trusted deposit options offered on the site, so that the needs of all players are easily accommodated. You can only make withdrawals via bank transfer, which is in keeping with the team’s philosophy of simplicity but which also goes even further to ensure that your funds are safe. Proceedings are also kept running smoothly by the confident and capable team of Customer Service Representatives, who can deal with any queries or issues efficiently. You can contact them in the way that best suits you, whether live chat, telephone or email. As this bookmaker can attest, the simplest way is often the best.

Splurging happens where it matters

The simplified background factors really underline how spectacular the wagering opportunities, promotions and possible windfalls at Luxbet are. The team has spared no expense in these areas, and a wide range of categories and outcomes can be punted on. All the Australian favourites, including cricket betting, boxing and rugby betting are on offer, as are many international events from all corners of the globe. Australian punters are also always looking to diversify their portfolios, and this bookmaker has responded to this need by offering unusual events like Dancing with the Stars and Australian Idol. Doing research on these areas is always an enjoyable and horizon—broadening activity. Many of the games also feature live betting options, to immerse and entertain you even more.

The savvy patrons of online betting sites in Australia also enjoy using many different types of bonuses astutely to increase their wagering options, and Luxbet has stepped up to the plate here as well. Your first deposit is awarded an impressive bonus to be used on a fixed odds event with 1.5:1 odds or better. The best racing odds online today and a hugely rewarding loyalty programme called ClubXtra provide more than enough temptation to guarantee return visits.

You owe it to yourself to visit

Luxbet has responded to what players really want so beautifully that it is almost criminal not to visit the site. Pop in for an education in how an Australian online bookmaker site should be run.

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